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3 Things to Know About the OSU Homecoming Tragedy

Nov 16, 2015

The case of Adacia Chambers, the suspect in the fatal crash during Oklahoma State University’s Homecoming Parade, is moving quickly. Here are 3 things to know about this case:

1) It appears that Ms. Chambers may suffer from a mental condition that, at the time of the incident, rendered her incapable of forming the requisite intent to commit certain criminal acts.

Ms. Chambers' intent is a necessary element the state must prove beyond a reasonable doubt to convict.  Ms. Chambers may be able to avail herself of a diminished capacity or insanity defense, which could have a drastic effect on her trial and potential sentence.

On November 4 a psychologist submitted a document stating that the Defendant is unable to comprehend her attorney or to meaningfully assist in the defense of her.

2) The suspect has been charged with 4 counts of Murder in the Second Degree and multiple counts of Assault & Battery

She faces 10 years to life for each count or Murder in the Second Degree and up to 5 years per count for the Assault & Battery charges.

3) Ms. Chambers may move the Court for an order changing the venue.  

Ms. Chambers has the right to a fair and impartial jury of her peers.  The likelihood of selecting potential jury members who have not  been affected by this tragedy is remote.  It is better to move the trial to a jurisdiction where the potential jury pool has some emotional distance from this tragedy, and the probability of selecting a fair and impartial jury increases dramatically.

This post will be updated as the legal process unfolds.

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