DUI Defense

A drunk driving conviction comes with serious, immediate and long-term consequences. If you want to keep your driver's license and maintain a clean record, you want an experienced Tulsa DUI/DWI attorney protecting your rights. At the Tulsa law offices of Taylor Ryan, we protect the rights of people throughout Oklahoma who have been charged with drunk driving. We can help you build a comprehensive DUI defense today.

Experience and Credibility in the Courtroom

We are not lawyers who will advise you to take the first offer the government makes. Even when you have failed the field sobriety test or breath test, there may be effective defense strategies to challenge the charges for driving under the influence (also commonly referred to as driving while intoxicated). In every case, we welcome the opportunity to protect your rights in court. Just one DUI/DWI conviction could lead to jail time and serious fines, and with each conviction you face harsher DUI penalties. That is why you want to do everything you can to fight your DUI charges and keep your record clean, lowering the potential penalties both today and into the future.

Administrative DUI/DWI Concerns — Protect Your Driving Privileges

If you have been arrested for drunk driving, one of your primary concerns is figuring out a way to keep your driver's license. In Oklahoma, you must go through the Department of Public Safety (DPS) in order to get it back. You have 20 days from the time of your arrest to schedule a DPS hearing. We prepare for these hearings like we prepare for court, and we will be ready to do everything we can to help you keep your license.

We understand that you have questions about your DUI defense. Prepared to handle a wide range of criminal concerns, our firm will help you find answers and explore your defense options.

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