DUI Penalties 

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A drunk driving arrest carries with it the potential for jail time, expensive fines, court fees and assessment fees, license suspension, ignition interlock device installation, and other harsh consequences. It is important when facing charges for driving under the influence to hire an experienced Tulsa DUI defense attorney who understands the stakes and is willing to fight to protect your rights and minimize the consequences.

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Oklahoma DUI Penalties 

Penalties for drunk driving increase with each repeat DUI offense if the prior convictions occurred within the previous 10 years. Therefore, whether you are facing your first DUI, or you have prior DUI convictions, you want an experienced Tulsa DUI penalties lawyer who will fight for you. Simply pleading guilty to a first-offense DUI charge now could have devastating consequences if in the future you find yourself arrested for drunk driving again.

Additionally, all individuals convicted for drunk driving in Oklahoma are required to participate in a substance abuse evaluation and assessment program. Oklahoma DUI penalties are increased significantly if other factors are present, such as if a child was present in the vehicle or if a DUI accident occurred and resulted in injury or death to another individual.We understand that you have questions about your DUI charges and your defense. Our criminal defense law firm will help you find answers, explore your defense options, and give you straightforward advice about your DUI case.

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