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When you are considering hiring a family law attorney, we understand that it can be a difficult and trying time. Our law firm is dedicated to helping you navigate the legal system to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your loved ones. We are dedicated to not only working for you, but working with you. We are not a “form firm”. Ever pleading, every strategy is tailored to your unique situation. Your family is unique, your legal experience should be as well. Our experienced staff can help you in:

Divorce- Divorce can be complicated whether or not children are involved. Our family law practice has extensive knowledge in equitably dividing debts and assets, including dealing with business valuations. We also understand that when children are involved, their needs come first. It is important to have an attorney that fights with you for your children.

Annulment- This allows a marriage to have essentially never existed. This is only available in certain circumstances.

Legal Separation- You may not be ready to explore divorce yet. A legal separation allows both parties to act as single individuals under the law but remain married. While this is not the most ideal situation, our firm is ready to discuss all of your options with you.

Prenuptial Agreements- Divorce is a very real situation that people in society face daily. If you have substantial assets that you care about protecting, a prenuptial agreement may be for you. Our firm has both family law and estate planning attorneys to assist you in protecting yourself and your loved ones against the unexpected.

Guardianship - When you care about the well being of someone, be it a child or an adult, it is important to protect them at all costs. Sometimes it requires a court order appointing you over their person and/or finances. We are available to help you protect your loved ones, young and old.

Child Support- Being mom or dad is irrelevant when it comes to child support. Financial support from both parents is required by Oklahoma law. Whether you need an order put in place or you need help enforcing a child support order, we can help you get support for your child.

Paternity- Oklahoma law places custody of a child born out of wedlock with the mother until a court order gives rights to the father. Paternity actions can be very emotional and stressful. Our dedicated family law practice has experience in representing both moms and dads in paternity actions and can expertly address the needs of you and your child.

Adoption- Being a parent doesn’t always involve genetics. If you are interested in adopting a child or children we can help you make your family complete.

Deprived Actions- Oklahoma Department of Human Services having custody of your child/children can be a terrifying, confusing, and frustrating, experience. Our family law practice has worked with juvenile actions for years and has successfully had actions dismissed. Combined with our vast experience of criminal law, we can assist you in all aspects of deprived actions.

Modification- A divorce decree is not always final. Sometime parents can no longer get along when it comes to child custody and/or visitation. If your situation is no longer working, contact us about modifying your Decree.

Protective Orders- A protective order can be more than just an inconvenience. A permanent protective order can have very real and damaging effects on your family law case and in your every day life. Let our firm represent you in your protective order to insure the most just result.

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