Grand Larceny

Grand larceny is a felony in Oklahoma that can, under certain circumstances, land the accused in prison for up to eight years. Larceny occurs when the perpetrator uses deceit and stealth rather than violence to steal someone's property. Unfortunately, it is also used as a catch-all provision by prosecutors when they charge someone with any kind of theft. Your personal and professional reputation can suffer irreparable damage if you are accused of being a thief.

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What Does a Grand Larceny Charge Mean?

Grand larceny is depriving someone else of his or her property by fraud or stealth where the value of the property is greater than $500. Grand larceny is a felony, and is punishable by a large fine and imprisonment up to five years. For property that is valued at less than $500, the perpetrator faces a charge of petit larceny, which can result in a fine of between $10 and $500. Larceny of autos equipment can result in imprisonment up to 20 years or a fine equal to three times the value of the stolen property. While this may seem straightforward enough to a lay person, in practice charges of this kind are anything but, due to how prosecutors apply the law.

Catch-All Use of Grand Larceny Charges by Prosecutors
Someone who finds lost property — say a brand new iPad — is not always required to seek out the owner. However, if the iPad is found under circumstances that give him or her "knowledge or means" to inquire as to the identity of the true owner, the story is a little different. He or she can face a charge of grand larceny because:

The property is valued at more than $500, and
The person who found the property did not attempt to find the owner.

Larceny charges in Oklahoma are used by the prosecution as a catch-all provision to include theft where force or threat of violence is not used. Due to the broad definition, many individuals in Oklahoma can easily find themselves on the wrong end of a larceny case.

Protect Your Rights Against Grand Larceny Theft Charges

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