White Collar Crime

"White collar" charges are criminal offenses that generally involve the illegal, nonviolent acquisition of money. Sometimes, these cases involve individuals accused of committing fraud or con scams. Other times, it can be a case of someone being over his or her head when placed in a position of authority at a large company with complex finances. In the latter case, a person may make a poor judgment call, but that does not necessarily mean he or she is a criminal.

Attorneys at our firm have tried more than 500 jury trials over a period of more than 25 years. If you have been charged with a white collar crime in Oklahoma, we can help. Contact our Tulsa white collar crime attorneys online or call 866-761-7693 toll free to discuss your case.

What Makes a Crime White Collar?

Examples of white collar crimes include:
Financial fraud
Identity theft
Grand larceny
Money laundering
Real estate and mortgage fraud

Each of these crimes can be charged as a felony in Oklahoma. Felony charges are very serious; your freedom is on the line. Hiring an experienced criminal defense law firm immediately is the best step you can take for defending your rights.

The Tulsa Law Firm That Can Help YouInvestigations into white collar crime can be ongoing for months or even years due to the complexity of these cases. Even if you have not been charged, you should consult an experienced attorney the moment you find out that you have become involved in an investigation into this kind of crime. When you meet with investigators or discuss the case with anyone, you run the risk that you may say or do something that could be used to incriminate you.

Our law firm will not only protect your rights during the investigation, but also keep you informed about all the developments in the case as it progresses. This allows you to focus on other matters, like family, and leaves the legal wrangling to the professionals. Our criminal defense team is comprised of experienced negotiators who will work with prosecutors and investigators to ensure that you are not the subject of false accusations, unduly harsh investigation tactics or overzealous prosecution.

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The punishments for crimes committed with a computer or pen can have consequences every bit as serious as those committed with a gun. Do not leave your legal defense to just anyone.With offices in Tulsa, we represent clients facing white collar charges in courts throughout Oklahoma. Open weekdays from nine to five, we offer evening and weekend hours by appointment. Spanish interpreters are available by request. Contact our criminal defense law firm for more information about your drug charges or your defense strategy.

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